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The following is a list of the most common rules and regulations that are reported for violations. All rules and regulations may be found in the Carter Plantation Community Protective Covenants and Restrictions (PC&R’s).


Annual Property Owners Assessment Dues are $850 per lot. You will receive a bill at the end of the year for the upcoming year’s dues. The invoice will advise when payment is due (usually February 1st) and when late fees will be accessed if payment is not received. These dues cover the Landscaping Maintenance, Common Area mowing and edging, Community Pool Maintenance, Pool Monitor, Front Gate Guard, Community Improvements and Beautification, as well as administrative costs.


Each Owner shall be responsible for the maintenance of all landscaping on his Lot. Each Owner shall keep his Lot mowed and free of rubbish, trash, debris, noxious weeds and other unsightly conditions.


All garbage containers shall be situated or enclosed and screened so as not to be visible from any other Lot, the Common Areas or the Golf Course within twenty‐four (24) hours after trash pick‐up.


No vehicle shall be parked on any street or shoulder in front of Dwellings on a frequent, regular or permanent basis after construction of a Dwelling is completed.


All Lots shall have enclosed garages for the storage of vehicles. Garage doors must remain closed except to allow the exit or entry of vehicles.


No mailbox, newspaper box or other receptacle of any kind for use in the delivery of mail, newspapers, magazines or similar material shall be of a type other than the mailbox design established by the ARB as set forth in the Manual. That mailbox design includes the dwelling number.


All fence and wall locations, designs and details must be submitted to the ARB for approval, prior to construction, in accordance with the Manual. Gates are considered as parts of fences and gate details must be submitted for approval.


No sign of any kind shall be allowed on the Property except for construction signs which are approved by the ARB.


Radio and television antennas and flagpoles shall be prohibited except for temporary flagpoles that only display the American Flag. Satellite dishes may only be installed with the approval of location by the ARB.


Carter Plantation Pool Area Contract

  1. Pool is for use by Carter Plantation Property Owners Association (CPCA) members in good standing with the POA.
  2. Pool gates must be kept shut at all times. Do not prop gates open!
  3. A lifeguard is NOT on duty. All persons shall swim at their own risk. Property owners/residents are solelyresponsible for themselves, their families and their guests. The POA assumes no responsibility for anyaccident or injury occurring or sustained in connection with the use of the pool or pool area.
  4. Primary POA members (head of household, spouse or partner) are limited to four guests at a time. A non‐primary member (child of the primary POA member) 16 or older, but residing in household, not accompanied by a primary POA member is limited to one guest at a time. The POA member must accompany all guests during guests’ stay at the pool. Total number of guests per household is not to exceed four guests at one time.
  5. Maximum capacity of 120 people in the pool area at any given time.
  6. Children age 15 or under must be accompanied by someone at least 16 years of age or older.
  7. Pool season will open on May 1st each year and end in the fall after Labor Day, dependent on the weather.Closing date will be posted at the appropriate time.
  8. Pool parties are allowed and must be scheduled through the CPCA. A $100 refundable deposit is requiredand will be returned if pool area is left in a clean and orderly manner.
  9. Pool hours are daily from 8 AM until 8 PM. Pool area must be vacated by 8 PM for cleanup and lockdown.
  10. Key Access to Pool Area
    1. One key will be supplied per POA account when the following criteria are met:
      1. Member is in good standing with the POA – not limited to, but including, POA duesare not in arrears
      2. Signed POA Member Contract for Pool Area
    2. Replacement keys will be issued on receipt of $25.
    3. POA Members must have their personal key for entry to the pool area.
    4. POA Members are prohibited from opening the gate for anyone that desires entrance withouta functioning key.
    5. Keys are non‐transferable. Please contact the POA if you sell your property.
  11. The POA shall not be liable for items left unattended in the pool area. Lost and found items will be placed in the lost and found box and discarded each week.
  12. Cooking or open flame are not allowed in the pool area.
  13. Discard all food and trash in the provided trash cans before leaving the pool area.
  14. Pets are not allowed in the pool area or left unattended outside the area.
  15. No glass containers in the pool area.
  16. No chewing gum or shelled nuts (sunflower seeds, pistachios, etc.) are allowed in the pool area. Norunning, spitting, horseplay, obscene language, skateboard or bikes allowed in the pool area.
  17. No smoking in or around any section of the pool area.
  18. Proper swim attire is required. Cutoffs are not allowed. Pre‐potty trained children must wear disposable(waterproof‐pool use type) swim pants.
  19. The use of the pool is denied to any person having a contagious disease, skin infection, severe sunburn orwho may be wearing adhesive plasters or bandages.
  20. Pool floatables must not exceed standard single person devices and shall not interfere with otherswimmers.
  21. Personal music devices are not to be obtrusive to others.
  22. No furniture allowed in the pool
  1. No individual or group of individuals may prohibit any other user from the legitimate use of the pool. No games or activities are permitted in the pool that would deprive or prevent any part of the pool from being used and enjoyed by all residents and members.
  2. Persons misusing the pool, risking injury to self or others, causing damage to pool, pool furniture, equipment, etc. will be asked to leave the pool area by any POA member. Misconduct must be reported to the POA. Proper action will be taken that can include, but is not limited to, the filing a criminal complaint with the Sheriff’s Department if the activity is illegal (trespassing, underage drinking, vandalism, destruction or damage to property/furniture, etc.)
  3. CPCA and all members are responsible for helping to insure the safety and protection of the community assets and protection of persons using the pool.
  4. Primary POA Members (head of household, spouse and/or partner) must sign the pool rules contract.
  5. Any violation of the pool rules by a property owner or guest may result in pool privileges being revoked.
  6. POA reserves the right to amend these Pool Rules at any given time.

Pool Contract and Key Form can be found on the right side of the page under Forms.  If you need a key, please fill out the form and bring it to the pool monitor between 1-6 PM.