Architectural Review Board (ARB)


The Architectural Review Board (ARB) created documents based on the Carter Plantation Community Association PC&Rs to establish the criteria and guidelines required by residents, contractors, and sub-contractors as we build, live and grow in Carter Plantation. Those documents include Architectural Criteria and Design Guidelines and General Rules for Contractors and Sub-Contractors. The ARB stands ready to assist homeowners and builders with questions during the design phase of their home planning, and reviews all plans prior to the beginning of construction. During construction the ARB monitors progress and reports to the CPCA Board as to whether the work is in compliance with the covenants and guidelinesCPCA Documents were designed to keep the overall beauty of Carter Plantation Community preserved and enhanced, as well as a wonderful place to live. It is the interest of every property owner that we each do our part and keep our vacant lots, homes, lawns and landscape clean and beautiful.

  • Each Owner shall keep his Lot mowed and free of rubbish, trash, debris, weeds and other unsightly conditions.
  • Each Owner shall be responsible for maintaining his Lot and Structure in a neat, clean, and sanitary condition.
    • This includes grass and lawns cut to a maximum height of six (6”) inches and removal of dead, diseased or fallen trees.
  • No building materials shall be permitted to remain upon any Lot if visible from any other Lot, the Common Areas or the Golf Course except as necessary during the period of construction.
  • A review from the ARB is required for remodeling and additions just as it is for new construction.
  • No signs of any kind shall be allowed on the Property except for construction signs which are approved by the ARB.
  • If your property is not in compliance with the PC&Rs anytime during the year, you will receive a certified/returned letter for Violation Notifications.  If you receive a Violation Notification there will be a $25.00 charge for each certified/returned letter and your account becomes NOT IN GOOD STANDING until all dues and fees are paid.
  • Rentals or Leases: With the exception of Blackberry Walk Neighborhood/Villas, if owner decides to rent or lease property the following rules shall be enforced:
    • A fully executed copy of the lease agreement must be submitted to the Association prior to occupancy.
    • Owner is responsible for tenant abiding by all neighborhood Protective Covenants & Restrictions.

Architectural Review Board (ARB):

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